Triangulation and Apostolic Fusion (Matthew Corbitt)

  For the past 7 years i have spent much time watching our movement and analyzing every action. I have dug into the history and doctrine that we hold dear. My journey has taken me from the"revelantcy" movement to what is actually relevant to our generation. I have begun to incorporate the cool ways of the left with the power and anointing of the right. [or at least do so to the best of my ability. I'm a nerd, and not the most powerful individual]

I see how the left attracts so many people. If you were to be honest with yourself, you would see how cool they look. They're ministers are hip, they relate well to the young people, and they have some of the best concepts for youth ministry out there today. The struggle they have the most is the fact that they can amass a large crowd, but then, suddenly, there is no sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they are sitting. [lol] Ending up with a large youth group that is making waves in the community, on a social level, and yet sin is ravaging their children.

I would dare say the right attracts fewer people. As humans,we are always looking for the path of least resistance, and this is not offered in fundamental christianity. The bible does not give us an easy way out, but rather peace and joy within the sufferings of our lives. [We as americans have a hard time with this concept, hence our problem] They do not relate to young people well, and they do not have cool things to do, and one thing is for sure, the social impact of a city untouched. Prayer, on the other hand, is most powerful with these people. When someone does indeed come in contact with these people, their lives are forever changed. They are taught that they must "save yourself from this untoward generation" and live holy beforeGod. The Holy Ghost resides with these people stronger than any other, and this is factual.

I am not totally sure if "triangulation" is the most appropriate word, but its catchy. Perhaps fusion is the better of the two. I have been studying the strengths of both sides of the Apostolic movement, and i have found that where one side is weak,the other is strong. So with logic you could assume that if you could fuse these two sides properly, you could get a single strong movement.

How about having the fog and lights within your youth services? How about starting off that youth service with an hour of prayer? Singing "vertical" praise and worship songs? Preaching separation and holiness? Having a powerful alter call and baptisms? Having good socials afterward? Within your fellowship meetings, have bible studies on doctrine, and still fellowshipping often?

A theory. I don't know as a fact, i haven't the ability to test any of these things. On paper, it sounds like it would work, and to what extent i have the ability to implement these, they have worked. Now whether they would work on a church scale or not, i do not know. Do they work for a YA dept and aYouth Group? Yes.

Kids still want to be able to have fun and come to cool events at their local church, this is fact, but there is also a desire to hear the Apostolic doctrine. I cannot tell you how many kids have asked for us to preach and teach on separation more, and how they enjoy it when it does happen. They hear so much negative reinforcement at school; why they should wear pants, shorts, cut their hair, date out of church, etc. They want to hear some positive reinforcement when they come to church, they need to hear it. It is hard enough to make it through school with just the world weighing down on you, but when you are not getting support and affirmation of separation from the pulpit, it makes it that much harder. Trust me, when i was in high school, it was that scenario. Living separate, and never being reinforced. It was a feeling of condemnation for living different from the world because there was no affirmation that living holy was a good thing. You have to preach it, often, if God is to have a church in the last day. How shall hear without a preacher?

Nevertheless, it is not effective if you just preach, you have to reach.