Bio (Austin Jackson)

Hello, my name is Austin Jackson. I am new to this, having never written a blog post before. When the idea of The Oneness Bridge was mentioned to me, I could not refuse the opportunity to be involved in bridging the gap that has divided so many. It is so awesome to have a format where we can all unite together and discuss things that matter.

A little about myself:

I was born and raised in White Hall, Arkansas and grew up attending The Redfield United Pentecostal Church. God called me to preach in January of 2007 and I am now the youth pastor at the church I grew up in. I am 21 and just recently married the most amazing woman in the world this past June. God has blessed us tremendously.

What I hope to bring to the blog:
I will probably not be writing a blog every week. I probably will not even write one every two weeks. I will simply write when I feel that I have something that needs to be shared. I have learned from my time in the ministry thus far that it is a good practice to share, and I have grown tremendously from having ministers in my life that share their thoughts and finds with me. I have learned a lot and studied God’s word deeper this way as I’m sure many of you reading this have in your own lives. There are some things that just need to be shared and I hope that I can add some value to this blog through sharing some things I feel.

First blog:
With that being said, I have something very simple but yet very profound (as are all of my thoughts ) to share with you. The other day I saw an advertisement for a church and throughout the entire video and article they said one thing repeatedly that caught my attention and frustrated me. This particular church kept using phrases along the lines of, “We must remember who Jesus WAS,” or “We must remember what Jesus DID.” Please do not misunderstand me: I agree strongly that we must know who Jesus WAS and what He DID. It is essential that we know about His earthly life and ministry in order to understand Him in a deeper context. However, if I am an unbeliever, please do not tell me ONLY about who He WAS or what He DID. Tell me about who He IS and what He DOES!! Tell me why I need Him in my life today! Tell me why I can’t live without Him! Tell me how He can help me in my current situation! Give me some current news! Tell me about a healing that happened at your church! Tell me about a former drug addict whose life got turned around! Tell me about your financial problems miraculously getting straightened out! Tell me about His Holy Spirit indwelling! Tell me what Jesus is doing in 2010!