Going to Another Level (Bessie Caruso)

Alabama Revival Conference...it's not just a conference. It's not just a time to worship with other real classical Apostolics. It's not just about the preaching or praying or singing. All that is fine and dandy...but to me, this conference is sooo much bigger and greater.

At ARC 2010, Bishop Wilson preached an incredible message that hit home for me. 1 Thess. 2:13 states: For this cause also thank we God without ceasing, because, when ye received the word of God which ye heard of us, ye received it not as the word of men, but as it is in truth, the word of God, which effectually worketh also in you that believe. If I believe and receive the word of God, everything else will fall into place! The convictions and standards that I have are mine. Not because my Pastor preaches it, but because I believe the Word of God and I will obey! "This on the outside reflects what's in my heart" (Cody Marks). They're my convictions and my standards. I've adopted them because I love the Lord. God will do the convicting and put it in the hearts of those that believe & receive His true word.

Souls...how many times have we passed by someone...too busy with our own life and our own stuff to stop and reach out? Bro. Cody Marks shared the story of how he was in prayer one night and at 2am God told him to go...so he drove and ended up at the college campus where an Asian man sat on a bench with a Bible open in his lap. He approached the man and to make a long story short...the man was told that when he came to America he would find the God of the Bible. He was in America for 5 years and was getting ready to leave in the morning. The Asian man told Bro. Marks that for five years he had sat in our coffee shops, went to our malls, sat on different benches, spent time at the college...and no one ever stopped and asked what he was reading. Five whole years & nobody took the time to stop and tell him who the God of that Bible is. Bro. Marks talked and prayed with the man and bam...he got the Holy Ghost! As Bro. Marks told this story that I have greatly condensed, a single tear rolled down my cheek. That tear was the first of many. As soon as Bro. Marks finished his message and we made it to the altar, I could do nothing but weep for souls...for my city, my workplace, my friends, my family...I fell to my face that very first night of Alabama Revival Conference and I wasn't concerned with what people thought or what was happening around me. All I could do was apologize for all the souls I have never taken time for...all the souls that I have assumed were content with where they were...who am I to do these things? These are precious souls.

The next morning Bro. Pixler preached it so well...we can't die childless...we have to have children...we have to have revival. We need babies...we need new converts that we can pour into and mentor. A new love and hunger for souls was birthed in me this week of ARC. I'm not just going to talk about it but I am doing something with it. Those precious snotty nosed bus kids that I love so very much...they are future bus drivers, youth leaders, song writers, musicians, intercessors, bible study teachers, Pastors, evangelists, missionaries and on and on we could go. Bishop Wilson shared the story of a revival that was preached when he was just a young boy. In the mind of the evangelist that particular revival was a failure. One little boy got the Holy Ghost. Well...that 1 boy was Nathaniel Wilson. He is a man that is full of knowledge and wisdom. He is a man that has invested in many people. He is a man who has affected thousands of lives. He is my Pastor's Pastor. That revival was not a failure at all. Who knows the difference just one soul can make.

Last but not least, Bro. Shannon Pullen preached at my church the following Sunday morning..."Put up thy sword." If we ever want to see/have revival, we must put up our swords. People are being condemned and judged enough every day out in the world. We as the church must love them. No, we are not to love their sins. But who cares what they look like, where they came from, or what they've been doing? Jesus loves them. Talking about someone is not going to help one iota. And when these souls begin to love the Lord and His word, everything else will fall into place! From this day forward, my sword had been put away and there is a love for people in me like there has never been before...let's be ready for revival!