Bridge of Doctrine (Jonathan King)

What an Honor to be apart of such an amazing project as the “Oneness Bridge”! I salute the great men and women who are contributors and I thank you for your vision for the Kingdom!

All of us have looked at great bridges in our world and been impressed with their strength and their great span. I recently heard about an interview with the Chief Engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge Project that immediately caught my attention and prompted me to write. The Engineer said that when constructing a bridge of this caliber, there are three “loads” that must be considered. They are called, in engineering terms, the dead load, the live load and the wind load.

The dead load is the weight of the bridge itself. Every beam, every screw, nut, wire and every inch of asphalt must be considered. This makes sense to me because if a bridge can’t hold up itself it is of NO value.

The live load is the weight of the daily traffic that the bridge must carry once it’s open for use. How many people might use it at one time, how many vehicles and what size, type, weight of vehicle might be on that bridge at one time. This also makes sense to my simple mind, because if a bridge can’t hold up itself AND its users it is of little value other than a pretty edifice.

The wind load is the amount of pressure of the storms that might beat against that bridge. The environment, the location and the type of storms that might affect the bridge must be taken into consideration. The designer plans the type of bracings and supports to enable that bridge to bear all three loads.

Matthew 16 records the conversation between Jesus and the Disciples where Peter acknowledges that Jesus was the Christ. It was upon THAT foundation that Jesus said “Upon this Rock, I will build my Church”.

I can assure you that the GREAT Engineer has taken into affect the “loads” that will affect the Bridge of Doctrine. He even considered the “wind load”! Jesus didn’t stop at the foundation or the construction but offers a guarantee as well! Jesus said “Upon this Rock, I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”!

This Bridge can handle any storm INCLUDING an attack from the very gates of hell! Be encouraged! AND STAY ON THE BRIDGE OF DOCTRINE!