Shakin' In My Boots (Matthew Corbitt)

In life we have to learn to take chances. A risk is the one thing that will grant you so much freedom in life, but we tend to drift away from. I know that taking a chance is never the easiest thing to do, but there is a great relief in doing so, even when failure is the result. For some people risk taking comes naturally, for others it is a learned art, and even for some, they refuse to take risks because of fear. This has been a slow learning process for me, and although I'm not failing the class, I'm not an overachiever.

I am the type of person that will make many small gains to achieve a goal through consistancy rather than attempt a hail mary. I tend to move a mountain one shovel at a time. This makes my operation and advancement slow, steady and safe.

For years my father has preached to me that if you don't take risks you have no faith. There is a lot of truth in that, and this is something that I am just now starting to understand. Every time I would balk at taking ta risk, dad would say, “where is your faith?” And regretfully, he would be right.

Sometimes in life when we are afraid to move and do something out of the ordinary or out of our “box” it is a mere lack of faith.(Now sometimes it is good sense to stay in the box, don't get me wrong, I'm not for acting stupid and praying for God to bail you out of your own stupidity. God gave us common sense for a reason.) But if we could learn to put our faith into action and prove that we are a generation that has the faith to change the world; if we could learn, as a whole, to step out of our box, what mighty impact could we have? What if we had the faith that we can overcome sin through the blood of Christ, and our actions prove it? Faith that our Lord is a provider and our actions prove it? Faith that our God is a God of restoration, and our actions proved it?

Faith does not mean the absence of common sense, but It does mean the acting even when the outcome is uncertain. It means taking that chance and going-speaking-doing what God has commanded us to do. Take more chances with Jesus, even if you're scared, you wont regret it!