Nothing for “Christmas” but Someone for Christ (Lauren Guyot)

Christmas morning we usually wake up and open gifts, but this Christmas will be a very different one. This year we have decided not to decorate nor have gifts. Which makes me feel really sad and I can’t seem to get in the “Christmas” spirit. As I think about that day approaching and wonder what will happen, and maybe just think my parents have this HUGE surprise for our family. I must realize what the True meaning of Christmas is. It’s not about waking up and wondering what you got under the tree but rather who came into this world and gave me more than material things.

As I started to reflect back on the precious gifts God has put in my life I started to be so grateful for it all. This year I graduated from Bible College, I was honored to be a part of an awesome congregation in Albany, GA., and to be able and grow more in Him; there is so many more blessing God has brought in my life this year. But one of the greatest gifts I believe that I saw and was truly impacted by was a pray that Nicholas (my brother) and I have been praying for almost 13 years come to pass. On October 17th a change finally took place in my family our Step dad Antonio got baptized in the Name of Jesus, and is developing a relationship with The One True Living God. These are gifts that will truly last forever, some with life long friendship and others eternal lives that will live on forever!

There is this song and it says “He was born on the shadow of a tree; ever knowing of His knowledge He would be”

So as you wake up on Christmas morning and you realize you did not get what you were expecting, reflect back on the “non-material” gifts God has truly blessed you with. And remember that Jesus came into this world so that we might be free!

Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.