By The Grace Of God, I'm In Hell (Matthew Corbitt)

I believe in Gods grace. Without His grace and mercy, I wouldn't be where I am today, in fact, by all accounts, I should be in a graveyard somewhere, but He has chosen a different path for me, and I am thankful.

You're anointed? So what. You have the gift of healing! Big deal. You've cast out demons! N/A Do you not know that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance? That means, you may be an anointed preacher, singer or musician and still be living a life that God HATES, yet, when He has given you something, He will not ask for it back, it's yours.

How are people so Apostolic on Sunday and then live like the devil the rest of the week? The grace of God. Because He doesn't pour out His judgement quickly, we believe that our lifestyles are pleasing to God. We know that we will be judged by the Holy Bible, yet we don't take the time to read it.

“Well, the blood of Jesus will cover us in the day of judgement, just like scripture says.” Yes, I agree. One of the 10 commandments reads something like this, “thou shall not take the Lord's name in vain.” When you take on the name of Jesus, you start a journey to being born of the Spirit, a part of what we Apostolics call the plan of salvation. If you receive the Holy Ghost, you have been born again of the Spirit, and this is not only a good thing, this is MANDATED by God. But what happens next?

If you have had the Acts 2:38 experience, I am proud of you. You have shown some obedience to the Word of God. What happens next? You must grow in holiness, both inward and out. You cannot grow in one, and not bother with the other.

I'm going to leave outward holiness alone in this post, not for lack of boldness, but for something a little heavier, grace.

Christian conduct isn't always an easy thing. If you find living a biblical lifestyle easy at all times, please contact me and tell me how you do it. :-)

We are, as Christians, to walk a holy and a separated lifestyle at all times. From our entertainment to our dress, all of our problems stem from our hearts. If we are having issues with why we shouldn't watch the filthy garbage, that we do so often, its because our hearts are WICKED and we lack understanding. If we have a problem with why you must dress in a modest way, we are of a WICKED heart and lack understanding. When on Mondays we can't walk in a way that is pleasing to God, we are telling the world that we have Jesus, but our actions call us a liar. We have taken the Lords name in vain. (It's pointless to be baptized in Jesus' name if you aren't going to change your lifestyle by continuing to live in sin.)

Proverbs talks about a man that steals bread because he is hungry, and when he is caught, they say he has taken the Lords name in vain because of his actions. Let me bring this to 2011. He said he Loves Jesus, yet walks in sin, and has a “good” reason for it. He has taken the Lords name in vain. Though he claims Gods divine grace as his position, and God does give us grace (thank you Jesus) his actions tell the world that Jesus doesn't save or help you live an overcoming life.

“But Matthew, nobody's perfect, we all need grace!” Yes! You are right. But you have to actively be pursuing a deeper walk with God, or it doesn't matter how often you speak in tongues, by the grace of God, you may find yourself in hell. How on earth do I say this? Jesus gives us a story about a grapevine, and how there are certain things that people can see on the grapevine to where they know it's a grapevine. A grapevine is a grapevine on monday, just as it is on sunday. People may never know that you are a thistle bush. In fact, you may have the outside down good, but popular opinion doesn't get you to heaven. Eventually what you do in private will bear fruit, for the good, or the bad. (Matthew 7)

“I've had it rough, you just don't understand, it's all about grace. I'm not prefect, neither are you, so if you tell me I should live different, your a self righteous hypocrite.” You know something, that title doesn't bother me. If I had to wait to walk a perfect life before I preached something, I would never have preached. Neither would Paul have preached. But thank God for the grace He gives. I'm here to tell you, regardless of what everyone else in this world does, it is TRUTH that we are to live separated and holy in both heart, mind and action, and without living a separated holy life, we shall not be saved in the day of judgement, rather we shall fall under a strong delusion (grace is a license to sin) and end up where its still hot in the winter time.

God's grace is here that we may overcome. When we try and fail to overcome, or to live up to the Word of God, His grace delays the judgement so that we may try again. Make no mistake though, God is not mocked. If you continually sin and claim “grace” and sew into the flesh, when your life seems void, you doubt God, and satan is running rampant in your life, the fruits of your labor are being shown forth. Run to God!

We ought to covet the chastening (rebukes of God). This is when we mess up and God corrects us quickly. It isn't always the happiest way, it's not always the easiest, but it does keep us in line. If you fall into sin, and God corrects you, things get bad quickly, don't get bitter with God. He loves you, therefore He is helping you see that what you have done will destroy your own soul.

Am I writing against grace? No!!! I am uber thankful for the grace of God. I preach it, teach it, I love it! There is a thought process out there, and it has infiltrated our movement that we have a license to sin because of grace, and this kills me. I see good people throw away their lives because they are delusional and think that because of grace, sin has no consequences. Guard your hearts and your minds. Make sure that you are giving everything you have to live a godly life that is perfectly congruent with the Bible. You have to be completely sold out to God if you wish to please Him and call heaven your home, there is no other way. Half-Apostolics have a very, very warm eternity.

You will not always do right, you may fall, but that is when grace comes in. “Get up and fly right” as Bro. Marler once told me. As long as you are engaged in this fight, as long as you are trying, you'll do alright and you'll grow, and please God. You are not good enough on your own, you are not smart enough on your own, you can't earn your way to heaven, but if you are fully dedicated to God, by His GRACE, you will make heaven your home.