The Battle- Part 1 (Matthew Corbitt)

I am a praying man, and yet I have just learned to what degree that we are at war. I study, and yet just now came to the realization of how we are besieged, and this makes me fearful for my fellow Apostolic.

If we were to counsel together for a moment, and suppose my thinking was accurate, this would leave just one option for the Holy Ghost baptized believer...action.

First of all, let me speak of my separation for a moment. (Not to attempt any self glorification, but to demonstrate my shortcomings so that you may see the point.) I came from the charismatic movement. Growing up, I was taught very little about separation and holiness, in favor of the "love your pastor; pay your tithes" - Jim Jones style of don't question authority doctrine. **(I do believe that you should both respect your pastor and pay your tithes. On the other hand, if that is all you preach,you are a horrible watchman.[according to Bro. Mooney, "if you are not called into the ministry, don't touch it with a 10ft pole." The demands for you neglect are as heavy as your actions, and you will be judged for what you omit within your sermons as well as what you speak.] Ezekiel 3)**

So when, while attending IBC, my sister began to talk to me about holiness and separation, I was utterly confused. What do you mean we are not suppose to go to the movies?? No TV? Say what about secular music?!? I was stunned that she would speak such right wing, self-righteous garbage in our house! Who did she think she was?

So I figured, "hey, if I can prove to her that I am right, there will be no need for her to be a self-righteous hypocrite anymore!" So I began to read the bible. And as Bro. Waldron says, "The bible will blow your theology out of the water." I began to see how I was the self-righteous hypocrite and not her. I was attempting to justify a position that was not only biblically inaccurate, but a blatant heresy! So after being worked over by both Timothy and James, I began to inquire more about this whole holiness concept, and begin to see how much of an EPIC FAIL I was when it came to the scriptures.

***Due to the length of this blog, it will be broken down into several posts.***