The Battle- Part 3 (Matthew Corbitt)

I listen to secular music, or shall I better say now, I used to listen to it just a few months ago. I had no idea of the Satanic monopoly on the music industry. The blatant socialistic satanic worship of pop stars, and the occultist logo's that are upon the clothing that we all wear. I have both listened to this music and worn this clothing.

Suppose that we have a fictitious youth group. They sings songs that praise the creation more than the creator 30 minutes before youth service. They walk in wearing sensual clothing, talking about pop stars, Glee, Jersey Shore, and Gossip Girls. Then along with their relevant youth pastor, who wears their made by the pop stars to fit in, watches their filthy television shows, and listens and sings the praises of human kind before church also, they begin to attempt to pray and its a hard row to hoe.

They seek Gods face, but can't seem to find Him due to the junk in their lives. Youth service rocks on, but they cant feel the Holy Ghost like they should, so they crank up the music. Still no Jesus, so they turn loose the fog machine and the lights to try and generate some sort of emotionalism to compensate for their severe lack of Jesus in their service. "How can this be?" says the youth pastor, "we are suppose to have the truth?! We are the People of His name!" (I'm not personally against smoke and lights, but you have to be careful.)

It could be translated to a normal church service also. Could it be that the reason that people struggle in receiving the Holy Ghost, healing, deliverance, and peace from our services is not for a lack of knowing the plan of salvation, but a lack of separation from the world? Could we be offering a false fire upon the alter of God because we refuse to come out from among them and be separate? Unknowingly singing praises to satan while at the same time trying to glorify Jesus?

The more study is done, the more I realize that our forefathers took stands for a reason. They were wise men. The stands weren't the most comfortable positions to take, and they didn't win many friends with them, but they were biblically accurate, and they worked for salvation.

The reason I am fearful for my fellow Apostolic is this: We have the potential for power like none other within this world because of our knowledge, which makes us a high profile target for the enemy, yet if we do not separate ourselves unto God, we have only potential energy and are of no effect in the battle. Separation is not something that we jump at willingly, but it is something that we must do. Once you get a true revelation of what Jesus had done, and the grace that he has shed for us, it becomes much easier and you have a such a desire to please Him that the things of this world don't matter as much anymore; but you must remember that men's hearts are wicked and we will always lean toward compromise.

If we do not wake up (and if you are keeping tabs with the Oneness movement, we may now be awakening after a few decades of sleep[This is a blanket statement]), we will be consumed in battle. But, if the sleeping giant, which is the church, will once again grab the horns of the alter, we have the power to unleash Heaven like no other time in the history of the world. Our numbers are growing rapidly, and if we can just get back to the foundations that built us, we can walk in victory and power on an unprecedented level!