Behold I come Quickly (Jordan Stumbo)

A quick thought.

Have we lost our priorities entirely? We are so concerned about the "relevant truth" the "compassionate truth" the "can this preach truth" that it is getting ridiculous. Personally I am more concerned with the "is my soul ready for God's return Truth".

We need to get our respective faces out of the Spiritual self-help books, stop trying to be the world's best friend and get their souls ready for heaven! I'm sorry if this seems harsh, but God is coming back and we don't have time to play patty cake with an over-sensitive generation of sinners. God said "Behold, I come quickly" not when it is convenient, not when we have everything figured out, but quickly! If you are a young minister and you are hesitant about reaching the world then pray for boldness and go teach a Bible study, go witness to sinners, just do something.

Stop worrying if you are in the will of God if you go down the street and pass out tracts. Just go win a soul. Don't worry about advancing your personal ministry, just go preach. Don't be discouraged if the church down the street is growing faster, just build a relationship with God!

Forgive the passion of an evangelist that feels that this world is coming to it's final days, but if you don't go and save the world, then who will?