The Pudding (Ashlee Frymier)

The older I get the more I learn and the more I learn the more I see. The more I see the more I realize how true, real, and important living for God is. I have become increasingly disturbed by the state of my friends, family, culture, and the church itself. I am surprised and saddened to see or hear of people walking away from the Lord and it only drives me to cling harder to the truth and the Word of God.

My uncle Todd always says, “The proof’s in the pudding.” I usually rolled my eyes and disregarded him (lovingly of course) until recently when I really began to think about “the pudding”. You see pudding is a mold-able substance in fact it only takes the shape of what is holding it…much like us humans. If we aren’t careful we begin to take on the shape of the world around us and not the shape God intended us to have.

At the funeral of my Great-grandfather Rev. James Ball, all the grandkids and great-grandkids signed an affirmation letter of faith in Jesus Christ and placed it in the casket to be buried with Grandpa. It was a moving moment and such an honor to make a promise like that, he would have been so proud. But the promise I made that day as I signed my name was much deeper than to my grandfather, it was a promise to God, my husband, my family, and to my future children.

I try my best to carefully evaluate my life and relationship with the Lord. I am not perfect and it is a constant cycle of repentance and God’s amazing grace working in my life. I subsequently try to avoid evaluating the lives of others because, I have discovered in my old age of 22, when I do so I just become down trodden and angry that people aren’t sticking to their guns! Therefore I have decided my guns won’t be far from me at all times! :) I’M STICKIN’ TO MY GUNS!

I refuse to bend. I refuse to move. I refuse to disregard the Word of God.