Translucent (Lauren Guyot)

Translucent- Permitting the passage of Light, or transmitting and diffusing light so that objects beyond cannot be seen clearly

Everyday I drive listening to K-Love. At the beginning of the year the morning show started a Word theme. Where someone picks a word that they will focus on throughout the year such as: Joy, Longsuffering, Mercy, Kindness etc….Well this morning one of the day time show host was talking about his word for the Year and its “Translucent”. As I started to think and listen to his reason it really hit home. Everyday that I live I want Jesus to be “Translucent” in my life. The man describes his reason for this word. There is a Frosted window glass, and if you were to stand behind it and someone stands in front of it you can only see each others shadows. And that completely made since. A lot of times we want to be center-stage and forget that we can not do this without God. I want to be that “Frosted” glass window when people look at me (through my daily actions & words I say) that they see Jesus. There is an old song that says “When anyone looks at me, Let them see Jesus, Let me be a reflection of His love and mercy” And that’s exactly how I want to live my life each day.

I know this is simple, but think about the word you might need to work on this year. For me I could name so many. We are not perfect until we see Him!