Trust And Obey (Matthew Corbitt)

Getting the Holy Ghost will change your life, if you let it. You can have a one time experience with God and leave it at that. The free will that has been given to us allows to receive the Holy Ghost and walk away, let it simply rest dormant, or thrive in God. It is a conscience choice that you have to make. If you want your life to change, it has less to do with what you do on Sundays compared to the rest of the week.

When you feel the Holy Ghost nudge you to do something, or possibly abstain from something, take time to listen. Begin to let God work in you life, begin to listen to what the Spirit speaks and obey. Abraham was a man of faith because he obeyed. You may not get it exactly right the first time, but don't let that stop you from trying.

Our generation can reach this world for Jesus Christ, and it will take being led of the Holy Ghost to do so. Make sure that the change that you receive on Sundays begins to impact your Mondays through Fridays- Follow Jesus and obey.