The 7,000 (Matthew Corbitt)

The 7,000 have awoken out of sleep, and now the army of God has begun to stir. Old posts that have long been forgotten are being once again established by men and women across North America. These wells are being dug once more in an attempt to fend off the rising tide of a worldly culture within the church.

Incrementalism is something that will destroy churches and nations. Through this process we slowly lose all that we had once stood for, and never truly realize it. It always starts off small, compromising what isn't against the letter of the law and inevitably leads to compromising the very word of God.

The long process of incrementalism that has been creeping in to our churches is now being addressed, and not a moment too soon. All over our great country men and women, the young and the old are rallying behind this Acts 2:38 message.

When the storms of life come, and you feel as if everything that is good in the world has fallen apart, hold on to the message. When doubt creeps into your mind and you feel as if teaching it any less directly could help you win the world, stand fast. God will always have a people, called by His name, for His purpose.

Get up, dust yourselves off and take hold of the Truth message. Don't let go, don't compromise. You are neither alone or weak, for God knows His people, and He will see them through to victory.