The Battle- Part 2 (Matthew Corbitt)

Now I would love to tell you that at that point in my life, a young man of 16, that I began to follow the writing of Paul down to the letter, but that didn't happen. In fact, I'm 23 now, and I still am searching for what could be done to please the LORD.

***(There are cynical critics of holiness teaching that that pressure you to move to a more happy-sounding, sin-tolerating, anti-biblical, anti-Christ message in the name of growing a crowd or "loving" people. But we are required to preach separation because we love people, and have seen the effects of a sinful life. A preacher is required to preach it ever bit as much as grace and love and Acts 2:38, and it's is a process that takes a lifetime. Now on the other hand, if you have been in the church for a while and you don't want to live like Jesus demands, don't try to justify your sin, sin boldly and be something other than Apostolic, but don't pervert the testimony of our ancestors.)***

Since graduating IBC, God has been moving me toward a place that He wants me to be. Those folks that I would regularly reference being right-winged nut jobs of the UPCI, I now find myself finding striking similarities with. I am finding a common thread no matter where I go and that thread is rooted within the bible. ***(I am aware that there are some bad eggs out there, as is everywhere.)***

But even with all of my searching I had no idea of the besieging that was taking place in our world. I never thought that Hollywood and Washington DC would have been linked together for a common destructive purpose as can be clearly seen now.