Christianity vs. Boredom (Ryan Oberhellman)

“I’m so bored! There’s nothing to do!” whines the typical American teenager on rather frequent occasions. Chances are we all know somebody who constantly complains of boredom, and most likely have done it ourselves. Boredom is a plague that has infected America's entertainment-addicted culture and hits hard. So many people today sit around complaining about how they're bored and that there's nothing to do (ironically many of which have an over-abundance of technological wonders available to them at any time). This plague of boredom has even infected the people of God (especially the teenagers). But I have good news for all you bored Christians out there - I have found the permanent cure for your boredom! The cure is... to be a Christian! That's right - being a true Christian will forever cure your boredom because boredom and Christianity are totally incompatible – it is impossible for a Christian to be bored! This little article will demonstrate why I believe such.

Today (the date of the writing of this piece) is Saturday August 7th, 2010 and the current time is 9:03 pm. There are currently 6,838,028,265 people in the world. From January 1, 2010, up until now, 34,792,708 of those people are living with HIV, and 1,680,169 are infected with AIDS. 6,848,297 people have some form of cancer, 144,599,130 are infected with Malaria, 6,973,206 people are living with diabetes, and 102,570,104 are living with autism.

From 12:00 this morning until 9:03 this evening (a time period of only 21 hours and 3 minutes) 244,823 people in the world have died. 41,643 died from cardiovascular failure, 2,783 from diabetes, and 18,506 from cancer (one of which was the father of a friend of mine that I played ice hockey with as a child – my father sent me the obituary over email as I was typing this article.) 5,289 people died from STD’s/HIV/AIDS, 2,169 from malaria, 10,387 from respiratory infections, and 1,187 from nutritional deficiency / starvation. 3,110 people died from vehicle accidents, 946 people drowned, 843 people died from poisoning, 756 from fires, and 1,034 from falls. 101,469 babies were murdered in abortion procedures. In the U.S. there were 3,458 violent crimes, 42 murders, 2,100 accounts of aggravated assault, and 226 rapes.

Quite shocking, isn’t it!?
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