Selling Freedom (Rick Lovall)

I was cornered on Monday by a guy who had all the answers for my life. He offered me a business opportunity that would change my life for the better…not to mention put great amounts of money in my pocket. Somewhere in the midst of his rambling something told me to listen to him because there was a message I needed to hear. And wa-la…the message came. (please read the entire email....)

He told me about the 8 F’s in my life that would improve dramatically if I would join him in business. I may not remember all of them, but here are most… Faith, Family, Freedom, Friendship, Finance, Fitness…and the list goes on. Obviously, he had a product to sell me in each category.
And then it hit me…he was SELLING what the church was designed to GIVE AWAY! Ok, maybe not fitness (because we never miss an opportunity for a potluck)…but seriously…he was trying to get me to  SELL faith…SELL family…SELL freedom…SELL Fellowship!!! Are you kidding me?!? I told him I didn’t have time to sell something I’m already busy giving away.
And then point #2 hit me. He wouldn’t have been in the business as long as he had been if people weren’t BUYING his promises!
Someone has figured out how to market the by-products of the church…and there are people willing to buy their offers. They have “secularized” spiritual things and we know that’s what the world wants. But it made me sick to think this guy may have been doing a better job of selling the very things we work hard to give away!
To sum this up… people obviously want to improve their faith, family, freedom, fellowship…and WE HAVE IT FOR FREE! Don’t let anything stand in your way of GIVING God’s great and precious promises away today!
Selling freedom? Seriously?????
Just something to think about….

(Rick Lovall is Pastor of The Sanctuary United Pentecostal Church in Sikeston, MO)

Posted By Austin Jackson