How Much More?-"Daddy Inah feal good" (Chris Henderson)

My current state of being consists of typing/pecking with one hand and holding a crying, sick, fatigued, over-whelmed 2 year old, who even on his best days will still have difficulty communicating, with the other hand. 'Daddy, Inah feal good...' is about all I can make out of his exhausted blubbering, anything other than that is unintelligible.
I was getting a little flustered trying to decipher what his sobs meant when God dropped a thought in my brain. 'Sometimes you make me feel exactly how you are feeling'.

As a dad I want to be able to help, or at least to know what is wrong with my son. I would even welcome his sickness to my body so that he can sleep in peace. I love my boy.

Yet, as a God He knows not only the 'sickness' (be it pain, loneliness, grief, sorrow, anger, sin) but He wants to take it from us. Not only take it from us but offer the healing remedy (love, peace, joy, holiness)

'How much more shall [your] heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him'
(Luke 11:13)

The question is NOT 'can God help you?'. It's 'will you LET Him?' Letting God fix your problems is not a miracle thing that takes place over night. Its following Him and what HE says everyday. Sometimes it will take years for God to fix it, others it will not but it will always be fixed if its in God's hands.

Will you let Him fix it?