Postmodernism and the Church (Bobby Killman)

Postmodernism as a system is dead; but we are still living with some of its effects. Just as darwinian evolution is dead, but it's still being taught. There's nothing yet to replace it with so it will sputter a bit in it's rattling cough of death throes. It probably will be replaced by a form of prechristian paganism. This will affect our thinking as Postmodernism still is. A good idea of worldview is a little less as "lens" & more like stocks. Your thinking locks you into certain ways of approaching knowledge. Cant see some things; impossible. Thats why the truth will make you free. Truth will tear down strongholds = everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ.

So what are some types of thinking that lock us into views and exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ, or to say it another way, that represents the spirit of our age?

1. Doctrine of tolerance. Despite the fact that this flues in the face of the law of noncontradiction. It makes the speaker nonsensical. "I don't tolerate intolerance."

2. Loss of the prophetic. People attempt through a myriad of ways to tear down Scripture through perspectivism, eisegesis, and faulty textual criticism & have through that muzzled the power of truth.

3. Openess w/out the restraint of reason or revelation & tolerence w/out moral appraisal are the new norms making anything permissible.

You shall know the truth & the truth shall make you free. These are what we feel in the questions we get everyday because they represent the spirit of our age. Know the fight.