A Royal Review- Part 2 of 2

It has been quite a few weeks since the Royal Tailor album, Black & White, hit iTunes & at the time I am writing this it still holds the number 22 spot under the Christian & Gospel genre, at one point the album had the no. 1 spot! (see image)
Congrats Royal Tailor.

In my previous article I reviewed/discussed the Royal Tailor video, Make A Move. So I will now make my attempt at reviewing the album; however, again I feel that there should be a preface discussion regarding the album just as we had with the video.

The first thing that needs clarification is that of music. Can you have music without some sort of Praise and Worship (P&W) attached to it? Can you promote music that is not classified as P&W? How does all of this play into the Royal Tailor discussion? (I was going to begin with a story but I opted to keep the review short. If you disagree with my answers to the questions then we can battle it out in the comments...maybe.)
There can be music with out there being a P&W attached, in a lax sense. If we said there could only be P&W then I could not sing lullaby's to my son, or a love song to my wife, or the star-spangled banner. So there has to be an avenue for wholesome music .

Black & White falls squarely in the category of wholesome music. The message of their songs are good, not P&W necessarily but good songs. The music is cutting edge and lyrics are written well (Control is straight preach). I actually have a playlist in iTunes called "Royal Workout" featuring the album and a few other high energy songs.

For a song by song blow see this article (I agree with most of his review).

Congrats Royal Tailor on a top selling record!

Cannot wait for the next one, maybe a P&W album?!