Music Ministry (Matthew Corbitt)

Music. Probably the most controversial topic in our churches. It's too loud. It's too soft. Its too fast. It's too slow. Too old. Too new. Too rock. Too roll. (haha) Music in our churches has the power to stir our emotions and draw us into praise and worship, or to effectively “kill the Spirit”. Music is one of our greatest tools and yet has the power to be the downfall of our movement (If we rely on the beat and not the Spirit. I was a music major my freshman year in college and understand the temptation to practice more than pray).

It's common knowledge that Pentecostals are known for great music, passionate music. And if this great gift form the Lord is carried by one who's heart is after God's, great things will be done through their ministry. If you haven't patted your music staff on the back, do so. Let them know you appreciate them and PRAY FOR THEM! And what ever you do, don't forget the sound-men!