Hold On (Matthew Corbitt)

This was a letter that i posted in Resolute Young Adults of White Hall, Ar's forum a few weeks ago. It deals with some of the battles we are facing without a pastor and I felt someone might find encouragement by reading it.

During times like this, we need to pray that the faith that is in our church and among our people doesn't "fail" and that we don't lose hope. Pray that God would bring to our minds past blessings, past trials and past victories and that we can trust in Him. As Papaw says, "An't no step for a stepper."

If we allow ourselves to be filled with hopelessness, we are lost. Satan would have us first quit praying, second quit praising and third fill our minds with hopelessness. What we are going through isn't anything new, nor is it something that would consume us or the church. We are more than conquerers because of the blood of Jesus. He has placed us in this situation to perfect us, not to destroy us.

When all is said and done, and we look back on this time, remember those times when you felt most afraid and let it be a reminder that Jesus had His hand on you the whole time.

When hopelessness creeps in, that is when we feel "un-content". That is when we feel as if it's not worth the struggle. We must stir up the gift that is within us, keep praying, keep dancing, keep our faith and hope alive! Now is not the time to back down cup cake, now is the time to get that "old timer" mentality and praise God anyway! Show a little perseverance! And have some church!

I understand that church is harder without a pastor. We don't have a pre-packaged relationship with God anymore. Sunday and Wednesday services don't fill us up any longer, there is a hunger inside us fore more. Thank Jesus for HGR and a prayer closet. This is what will sustain you when you hit times like this! You must be praying for yourself, you must be fasting for yourself, you must be praising for yourself! If we will learn this, when we get a pastor, things will be much easier for both us and him. We cannot rely on "the man of God" to do the spiritual labor any longer, he cannot save our souls, but he can lead and teach us. We have to put forth an effort to learn and to pursue God, even when there isn't a shepherd over us.

This time separates the lovers of God and the habitual gatherers.

After praying, when you feel encouraged, "strengthen thy brothers". We need to remember not only to place our hope in Jesus and follow Him, but remind our brothers and sisters that we must they must place their hope in Him also. We need a strong sense of prayer and love among us. Jesus has not forsaken us by a long shot, but He is challenging us to be Christians.

The times may be the best we could hope for, but if we would understand that Jesus loves us and wants the best for us, if we will let Him mold us in this time, we will come out victorious.

Remember, pray that the FAITH of Cornerstone Apostolic doesn't fail. Pray that people would dust off their praise and worship that has laid dormant for far too long. Pray that our Faith doesn't fail. Pray that our praise and worship be dusted off. Pray that Jesus would indeed mold us as the potter.

Be encouraged RYA. Not only encouraged, be set on fire with the hope that Jesus desires great things for your life and for the church.

When times get hard. When the road gets long. Always remember.


And laugh when you remember it... lol