Grace and Finance (Jordan Stumbo)

Imagine your banking account if you will. Yes a scary task indeed. Your savings, checking, credit all working together to try to help you live. We work all month to fill up our accounts and usually by the end of said month, most of it is gone, so we go back and do it all over again. A balancing act that would crack the most talented of trapeze artists. We try to manage it to the best of our abilities and be good stewards of what God has given to us. We try to save and live within our means so that we will not go into outrageous debt.

Yet something within our human mindset will not allow us to be content with our lifestyles and have a happy, stable home. There is always that purchase that is just a little bit more than what we have at the moment, a price that we are just not prepared to deal with. So with some trepedation (at least the first time) we pull out the credit card and say, "charge it!"

Welcome to the modern view of Grace