Stepping Out, In Church (Matthew Corbitt)

Im standing in a soft lit kitchen cutting a purple onion to garnish my chicken marsala. On my computer I've got Skype open and I'm talking to a dear friend of mine.

“I've learned something.” I said as I raked the onions into the simmering pan. “Faith is of great quantity in our movement today, and far too often we don't act on it.”

“Ok...” Said in a very 'oh goodness, here he goes again' tone. “How so?”

Faith is displayed every day by the people of our movement.” I said as I added the salt that I had forgotten in the beginning. “When we pray about things, it's a display of our faith. If we didn't think God could or would do anything, we would not pray.” Im stirring and splashing the sauce out of the pan due to the distraction of what I am saying. “When we gather on Sunday, we are letting our faith show. When we fast, read the Bible, teach Bible studies, all of these are showing our faith. Even how you act and what you wear says volumes about your faith.”

“Yeah, thats what some evangelists know, and why they are able to draw such an amazing faith from certain churches. It really puts things in perspective.” They said.

I burnt my tongue testing the sauce and gave a loud Ahhh! Then proceeded to put the spoon down and stare at the computer.

So you are saying you've known this?!? Why am I always the last to get stuff!?!” I begin to laugh at myself and shake my head.

This was an “AhHa!” moment for me. Something that I just gained the understanding of, yet so many other people, like yourself, have known for so long.

All of the faith that lies in your church on Sunday, on mid week, at youth service?! And knowing this, what would be possible if that faith was to be tapped into during service? When the Bible states that faith the size of a mustard seed could remove mountains, what kind of faith does it take for 100 people to gather on a Sunday to serve the God that heals? That seems to be more than mustard seed faith to me, doesn't it!?

The key hear is acting in faith, to begin to do those things that God has called us to do.

Alright, here we go. How do we operate in Faith? I bet you have felt like the Lord wanted you to pray with someone during a service before, and if you're anything like me, you began to rationalize it until you had persuaded yourself that it was either your flesh or satan that had told you to go pray with that person. Instead of rationalizing it, try doing it. Try stepping out and letting your faith overcome your doubt. If we can do this, if we can grasp this concept, what might take place in our churches when we begin to release our faith? Everything is possible when we begin to walk by faith. No dream that the Lord has given you is to big if we act in faith. Follow the leading of the Holy Ghost and do something about it when the Lord speaks to your heart.

And just in case you're wondering, the marsala was amazing! (It did needed a pinch more salt though.)