"And to our left we see the ancient weaponry that our great grandparents, the American Pentecostals, used to bring glory to God and fight the enemy." A crowd gathers and little kids begin to smush their faces against the glass to see the old dusty artifacts. Some of the children snicker at the oddity of the objects, the older folks look on with a slight recognizition of what they might do.

 One curious teen pipes up and as the musem tour guide, "could these still be used today? I mean, could we use them... if we wanted?"

"Of course you could!" Said the guide, "But these forms of praise are so outdated they wouldn't be of any use now. We have much better things now, more refined, less barbaric, and a whole lot more fun!" She continued with a grin. "We have a janitor that actually knows a little something about these things, if you'd like to see some of them work?"

Old tattered suit, because we used to dress our best.
Organ for worship
Anointing oil
Shout beat and the dance
a leather bound Bible
a prayer cloth