The More The Merrier (Matthew Corbitt)

We forget sometimes that there is power in numbers. Too often we, especially our youth, feel isolated from the church. Whether from judgmental attitudes, superimposed or literal, we run and hide when we face mountains that we know are going to be a difficult climb. We don't like for anyone to know that we are going trough a trial or struggling, we innately want to be seen as perfect, the type of person that “has it all together”.

Would there be a difference in the amount of our friends and family members who make it through if we would just call out to one another when we are fighting a battle that we know could possibly take us out? Absolutely. Sometimes, you cannot make it on your own. 

It's vital in our day that you have a strong prayer circle. Some people that you trust that will offer up prayers on your behalf. My philosophy is this, the more prayer the better. Why not go down front and get prayed for on Sunday? Why not on Wednesday? Why not in prayer meeting? Will prayer help you? What holds you back? Do you think that God only has enough healing for one big thing in your life? Does He only have a little power and must it be used sparingly to make it through our 70 years or so? No. If we believe that Jesus loves us, and He does have all power, ALL power, then why do we hesitate?

I encourage you to rethink prayer in church and how you use your prayer partners and apply this mentality, “the more, the merrier.”