Preparing room

This week my goal is to get our home as "baby ready" as possible. He is not expected until March but I will not have the time after school starts to prep for his arrival. As I look ahead to all that I have to do (move the office, paint the room, set up the bed, ect) and as I look back to another Mother and Father preparing for the arrival of their baby, I could not help but draw the correlation.

Image courtesy of are all familiar with the story... but think about this: Christ was laid in a feeding trough, not a baby crib. Mary and Joseph must have, as new parents, taken the time to clean the trough, to get some hay or some sort of cushioning for their first born. Parenting is a daunting task, no doubt, but add to that the stress of not having a place to lay the baby. Now we have kids at hospitals or at home, or at least in a semi sterile environment, yet Mary and Joesph welcomed their first born, the only begotten of the Father, into a holding pin for animals.

What parent wants to lay their child in a feeding bin? I guess if there was a little work put into it, it would be ok? Had I done the same thing Mary and Joesph did, surely someone would call CPA, even if they I taken the time to prep it for the baby.

There it is.

The moral of the story: since His birth people have prepared room for Him. God will not dwell where we have not prepared, so even if it's a feeding trough prepare HIM room. Just like Mary and Joseph we have to get ready for His arrival, not only His ultimate arrival but His arrival on our front door. Are you ready? If He used to have room but life just cluttered your heart: prepare HIM room.
You won't regret it.