There is a Reason (Matthew Corbitt)

God is an orderly God, He moves with purpose and not random impulse. We see this in the framing of the worlds, and that He is not the author of confusion. Gods plan can be seen where we are right now, although in some cases, it may take years to become clear. The simple understanding that we cannot know everything about God, or the things He does should not lead us to believe that He moves pieces in an illogical pattern, but we need to understand that Jesus uses perfect logic, He is after all the most intelligent being. 

Can Jesus violate the scientific laws that so many of our scientists hold so dear to their faith? Yes. I would like to point out, however, that He enjoys working in a system. Take the 2nd law of thermodynamics, which, in simple terms, states, that something doesn't go from an less orderly state, to a more orderly state. This is a point at which racist evolutionists (And if you believe in Darwinian evolution, you ascribe to racism and while you may disagree with Hitler, you would be forced to, by your own belief in darwinian evolution, claim that his objectives were noble.) have a problem. (If you would like more, please check out “Science and the Bible tab.)

We, with our fleshly, finite minds, we fail to comprehend that every move God asks us to make, has a very specific and logical purpose. If fact, the way we worship, dance, shout and run is very logical when understood through the proper lenses, or put in the right perspective. We can only know part of that which we see and hear, but He knows all things, and due to His vast understanding ability, and the fact that the whole picture is not only visible to Him, but also being painted by Him, we can conclude that a God of infinite wisdom paints with a purpose, and therefore His ways, though being higher than ours, are orderly and therefore logical to the grand idea that He has set before us. 

Remember next time you feel impressed by Jesus to do something, do it. You may not understand why right now, and that is ok, because we don't always understand when we cannot see the whole of the picture. Trust Him, even when you cannot see. Sometimes it is expedient for both us and the kingdom for pain to come, sometimes it is expedient for us to be blessed, but there is a reason for it all. Perhaps God wants you to be happy, perhaps He has a greater purpose for your life that simple comforts? One thing is certain, Jesus knows all, is infinitely wise, and deserves every ounce of trust and obeidence we can muster.