His Process (Matthew Corbitt)

There are no shortcuts with God. It’s the way God has designed things. Humanity often tries to shortcut the process by attempting to the end, saying that the ends justify the means, when in reality, it’s the means that create the person whom God wants us to be.

The means are there to build us. Whether its rough spots in ministry, work, or in our families, its the tough times that are there to refine us. Perhaps its for a great destiny on earth, but i suspect it’s something much more than that. Thinking that life earth is temporal, perhaps God is refining our character for eternity, a time much longer that this short time we have on earth.

We know during the judgement that our character will be judged along with what we have done, our works. We know that it isn’t works alone that will save us, but it is a total, completeness of the inside and the out. With this known, knowing that God is preparing us for the judgement and for eternity, preparing us to make heaven our home, a place where everything is wonderful and glorious, a place where we are to enter His service for the rest of eternity, perhaps we can look our circumstances in a new light.

It’s time to think of your life, your entire life, as a process of refining you for the really big show. From the people we witness to, to the problems at work, it’s all part of the grand design to shape us into what we all should be. Take life, look it over, and know that the good times and the bad, there is more that what meets the eye.

Don’t try and shortcut life when the rains fall, or when your parade is just around the corner. Hold on, trust Jesus. Take a step back and wait on the Lord. The ends should be a result of the means, and the means are what create within us the ability to survive the ends. Abstain from shortcuts, follow His process.