Leaders are Born

    The controversy surrounding the concept of born leaders is explosive in the modern world. Thanks to political correctness, we are often silenced from presenting truth in an effective manner. The truth is that everyone is born with a leadership potential cap. Think of life as a video game and you have certain limits to what you can do without performance enhancers. I tend to believe that leadership potential is much like genetic predisposition for fitness or muscle mass. While a person can rise above their natural limits, there will be certain stressors to their physical and mental well being. There are also certain ways to trigger a persons leadership ability that may never manifest due to circumstances. I am reminded of the leadership of Winston Churchill. Without WWII, I don’t believe that he would have had the opportunity to rise to the great levels of leadership he displayed. 
    In short, I believe that a persons leadership potential is determined at birth. With the right circumstances and the right tools a person can expand their leadership abilities much like power ups in video games. Knowing your own leadership level cap is important and knowing that with hard work you can raise your potential is vital.