Leadership and History

Leaders should study history. History is full of great leaders who are worthy of emulation. When reading biographies, a good leader can both learn from and live in the times of that leader gleaning great amounts of knowledge and understanding. My own life has been impacted by biographies such as that of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Stonewall Jackson, Napoleon, Bonhoeffer, and George Washington. Each of these men have various backstories, both good and bad qualities. No two lead similar lives yet all were successful in their particular areas. 
Steve Jobs was a bit of a jerk. Albert Einstein had people problems. Stonewall Jackson fought on the wrong side of history. Napoleon was both a hopeless romantic and temperamental. Bonhoeffer failed in his endeavor to kill Hitler. George Washington was as cold as a person could be, yet somehow loved people. For each of their flaws, these leaders teach many invaluable lessons on why and how to lead. Find leaders who resonate with you and study their lives. It will generate dividends.